Steel Centering Shuttering Scaffolding Equipments

Quick Overview

  • Adjustable Steel Props : Steel tubes are used for inner & outer of props. Adjustment vs safe axial load given below for standard type Props.
  • Adjustable Floor Centres/Span : These Spans are suitable for providing supports for Shuttering and can be used to economise on the requirement of individual Props. These Spans are of telescopic construction and consist of an outer and inner member.
  • Floor Forms/Slab Shuttering : Floor Forms/Slab Shuttering are manufactured from 14/12 Gauge M.S. Sheets with pressed flanges and stiffeners with proper slots at the edges. Odd dimentions are filled up with the adjuster floor forms/slab shuttering.
  • Cup Lock System
  • Kwikstage System
  • U-Frame/H-Frame Scaffolding