Road Construction Machinery


  • Increase in the compressive strength by 40-70 % (Higher increase is at the top surface).
  • Increase in the wear resistance by 100-150%.
  • Shrinkage of Vacuum treated concrete will be reduced by about 50%.
  • Strength gain in Vacuum concrete is earlier than normal way thus earlier utilization is possible.
  • Remarkable increase in foest resistance.
  • Surface permeability is reduced to 'O' (Under Laboratory Condition)
  • Porosity is reduced by 20% (i.e. Denser concrete.

Benefits to Contractors

  • Controlled working cycle .
  • Cheaper concrete .
  • More rpaid completion .
  • Better utilization of manpower .
  • High early strength minimizes Damages on newly cast floors .


  • Canals
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Bridges Ports and Harbor
  • Airports Runways / Hangers
  • Cooling Towers


A surface of 150-200 Sq. Meeters can easily be produced within 8-14 hours with one set of equipment and a team of 6 people. Naturally the production capacity depends on the flatness of the specific floor. The concrete mixing and pouring should be started as early as possible by 8 a.m. For high production and better quality.

We also undertake civil construction jobs under the name M/s. Conmix Industries, a sister concern of PRIMAX GROUP Companies. It's a well experienced construction company, managed by a team of qualified and highly experienced engineers with complete infrastructures. Our speciality is Vacuum Dewatering Concrete System and other construction job.

Components Of Dewatering System

Double Beam Screed Board Vibrator Vibro screed is used for the leveling as well compaction of concrete. It consists of high quality steel bar (4.2 meter) with spacinf of 250 MM in between. Special water protective vibrator motore is mounted in the centre. The vibrator motor produces 1830N centritngal forces which is the most ideal for compaction of green concrete. It is available in different sizes from 2 meter to 5.5 meter.
Vacuum Pump This is the core of the system. A continuous discharge vacuum pump is complete self contained unit. The unit is mounted on a transportation trolly, 24 Sq. Meter freshly laid concrete can be dewatered in one single operation with one set mat. The pump is powered by 7.5 H.P. 3 Phase electric motor.
Filter, Suction and top Mat Suction mat is placed directly on the green concrete after vibro screed operation is over. A Superior quality nylon is fixed on the plastic mat which acts as a filter mat during the vacuum operation. Filter mats are provided with system. Top mat is provided on the junction box and is directly placed on top of the filter mat for the purpose of air sealing. Special synthetic cloth is uded in the top mat (size 4 X 6 mtr.).
Power Floter Power floater is fitted with circular disc and used to remove surface undulations prior to finishing surface. Unit is 3HP. Electrical Motor.
Power Trowel Power trowel is fitted with nos. of adjustable blades & are used for perfect finishing of surface after compacting. Power unit is 3HP. Electrical Motor.